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Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014

Diabelska edukacja

Erotic Romance

Additional Info

  • Title: Diabelska edukacja
  • Release date: 1995
  • Genre: Erotic Romance
  • Country: Poland
  • Director: Janusz Majewski
  • Starring: Renata Dancewicz, Marek Kondrat, Anna Dymna, Stanislaw Brudny, Adam Ferency
  • Language: Polish (Russian Subtitles)
  • Length: 28 minutes

Gosla is a beautiful and innocent young maid on the catholic countryside tending the cattle. One summer day she is having a bath in the river naked as god created her. On the next day a stranger appears painting and painting all day long. As they talk the black dressed suddenly shows her a picture showing her naked in the river. At first she is very ashamed, but then she begins to forget her shyness.

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